Time, Mirror of the Soul

This collection examines the topic of time in the life and works of Augustine of Hippo. Adopting a global perspective on time as a philosophical and theological problem, the volume includes reflections on the meaning of history, the mortality of human bodies, and the relationship between temporal experience and linguistic expression. As Augustine himself once observed, time is both familiar and surprisingly strange. Everyone’s days are structured by temporal rhythms and routines, from watching the clock to whiling away the hours at work. Few of us, however, take the time to sit down and figure out whether time is real or not, or how it is we are able to hold our past, present, and future thoughts together in a straight line so that we can recite a prayer or sing a song.

Citação completa

AYOUB, Cristiane Negreiros Abbud. Time, Mirror of the Soul. In: DPPDY, J.; HANNAN, S.; PAFFENROTH, K. (Org.). Augustine and Time. 1ªed. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2021, p. 73-83.