The meanings of ‘logic’ in the thirteenth century

The goal of this article is to call attention to different ways in which logic was understood in the 13th century. Thus, it will recall some relevant historical facts related to the problem of classifying logic among scientific disciplines. This problem involved methodological questions linked to the form of presenting both the scientific disciplines and the books by which
they were transmitted. Next, it will stress the contexts that led Medievals to raise questions about the nature of logic and why these issues were necessarily accompanied by considerations on the relation of logic to the disciplines dealing with language. Finally, it will analyze a change in perspective with respect to the status of logic, which moves from a science of human discourse to a science of mental acts.

Citação completa

STORCK, Alfredo Carlos. The meanings of 'logic' in the thirteenth century. Logica Universalis, v. 9, p. 1-22, 2015.